President's Message 2017-2018 - Winter

It’s Sunday morning and as I begin to write this from my backyard, I look back at our most recent Family Day, while anxiously anticipating our upcoming track day on September 30th, followed by our Annual General Meeting & Social in November. For those who were unable to attend Family Day, we had 94 Volvo’s registered at last count and the weather remained sunny and dry all day. For those who would like to participate in another Volvo event soon, I invite you to consider our track event on September 30th, providing 3 hours of safe, controlled, closed track time at Toronto Motorsports Park (Cayuga). While this is a Volvo event, all makes and models are welcome and more information can be found through our website at CVC Members receive a discount when registering and we are currently securing Volvo swag to be given away to everyone registered.

Our third and last CVC event for the year will be our Annual Meeting on Nov 4th, followed by a social with food and beverage available from the Blue Moon Pub. All information for events, news and more can always be found at our website:

In the coming days I will be dropping by Volvo Cars of Canada for a long overdue introduction with Alex Lvovich, Managing Director, with the hope of sharing information about our club and how we as ambassadors of the Volvo brand can connect better with the corporate side by having a better understanding of how things work at Volvo. I will report back at our Annual Meeting and let you know how it went!

I received a text from my 25yr-old yesterday. A buddy of his has just purchased a 1988 240DL wagon and was seeking information for parts and service. Apparently he has already joined the CVC and this is just one more example of what we are seeing at club level -- specifically an interest in the Volvo brand from a younger demographic. This seems to be a growing segment of our membership and I can tell you that your Executive is taking notice. It’s for that very reason we have embarked on a track event for example.

Lastly, while I continue to enjoy my new career as a school bus driver, I would be remiss to not take advantage of this forum and remind everyone that the kids are back in school and with that, the thousands and thousands of school busses back on the road. It’s hard to miss a bright yellow, 40ft bus with red flashing lights and the ever present STOP sign, but somehow on almost a weekly basis, I witness drivers driving through the bus zone, with total disregard to the law, safety and the injury that can result from not stopping. What you may or may not know, every effort is made to grab your license plate number (we are pretty good at it), and when recorded, a police report is filed on-line. The owner of the plate is first issued a warning letter and I believe 2nd and 3rd offences can result in charges. In Ontario, failure to stop for a school bus is an automatic 6 points and up to $2,000 in fines.

I look forward to seeing you on September 30th and invite you to consider attending our Nov 4th Annual Meeting where the Executive provides reports on the past year, 2 Directors are elected/re-elected, and you are given an opportunity to share your thoughts and ask questions.

Canadian Volvo Club President - Tony GiverinTony Giverin


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