President's Message 2019-2020 - Winter

With what now appears to be an early Winter start and records being broken every other day, many of us have put away our toys for the Winter, and with that, a look at the days and months ahead. Withouta crystal ball, one can only guess what lies ahead, but contrary to that, your CVC Executive have a good solid indication of what lies ahead for the Canadian Volvo Club.

For those who were not present at our AGM in October, the Executive reported on the overall good health of the club. We remain fiscally responsible, have an amazing group of Executive members (more on that later), and continue to receive the support from volunteers, sponsors, partnerships and the Volvo community at large.

Approximately 18 months ago, I added to our Executive meeting agenda a conversation that would include a look at the past, where we are today, and what lies ahead for the CVC. It was, in my opinion, a time for pause and to ask ourselves -- are we doing what is in the best interest of the club? A number of things prompted the discussion, which included a younger demographic attending our events and more importantly, stepping up to become part of the decision-making of the CVC, and the sad but very real demise of car clubs in general, and what those remaining are doing.

Your Executive takes great responsibility in managing Canadian Swedish Iron Inc., a not-for-profit corporation known as the Canadian Volvo Club. Looking at what other clubs were doing, it appeared to be nothing more than a social network of like-minded people who interacted through FaceBook and/or email lists.

Nothing more, nothing less. The same informal group of brand-loyal enthusiasts would meet on occasion, have “events”, and give themselves a group name that they could identify with. Many car groups, clubs and social events are operated this way today. So with the conversation started, your Executive took a hard look at what we were doing, what we could do differently and more importantly, is the club sustainable moving forward? We consulted our stakeholders and listened carefully.

To start, it was obvious from the very beginning the desire to see the CVC continue to exist. This was shared overwhelmingly by the Executive and member base. With that in mind, we then explored other business models that included the pros and cons of remaining a corporation, what advantages are there (if any) in becoming a loose-knit social group, and what appeared to be complete freedom to do as you& please, and more. Many hours were spent in discussions, a questionnaire was presented to our members (reported on at the AGM), and at our September Executive meeting a consensus was met that we all agreed on.

Simply put, the benefits of remaining as a not-for-profit corporation out-weigh the restrictions that come with that. Our business model will continue as it has, benefiting from the many attributes of a corporation. We have embraced social media, continue to engage a younger Executive and with that, take on new initiatives like our overwhelmingly successful annual Track Day, now entering its fourth year. And yes, the 40yrs-strong Family Day will continue!

This brings to an end the conversation and with that, a direction the CVC Executive feels is in the best interest of its members.

Finally, I would like to formally welcome Trevor Cahill as our newest member to the Executive. Trevor will be taking over the role as Newsletter Editor from Michael Lim, our editor of many years. Michael has done an amazing job in the past and will remain on as Director. Trevor joins the newest members of our Executive, breathing new life into the club! Our newsletter has always been, and remains as, an important part of club communications and value to our members. As mentioned already -- the future looks bright!

Canadian Volvo Club President - Tony GiverinTony Giverin


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